The Stranger We See

Time flies so fast but it seems nothing has changed.

The world is spinning but we are still standing still.

A thousand years pass by and we are still killing ourselves.

A million years pass by and we are still hurting ourselves.

I am a descendant of people that drank blood for sport.

I guess deep down I’ve been sent to steal, kill and destroy.

Steal the love from the people, kill and destroy their joy.

‘Cos it seems like my DNA is written in the language of war.

I’m a wolf in sheep clothing, a devil in angel’s clothing.

I am a descendant of generations of committing evil.

Part of my training; “suppress and make sure it never shows”.

Sometimes it’s suppressed so long I think I’m someone new.

But every now and again the horns pierce my angelic cloak.

And I see myself for the devil that I truly am.

The devil who burns his own house down with the fire of his burning desires.


Photo by Jaclyn Clark on Unsplash

Chuck Norris

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