Echoes from Eko

Insanity defines her.

Oh! What a mad city!

Occupied by people afflicted with self-pity.

Yes! The traffic jam punctuates her punctuality.

Fluctuating supply of electricity is the norm in her city.

We still love her though.

The functioning touts have been illegally legalized.

Her bus-stops are our bout stops.

Uniformed men hop around her metropolis posing like the Police.

Crazy stories often emanating from her and permeating our hearts.

We love her though.

Street-trading stays blazing.

Call-girls always waiting and ready to go like the traffic lights.

Every year, tales of flood quake her.

Bad drainage sullies her beauty.

Yet, she stays healthy or so we think.

We still love Eko even when sad tales echo.


Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

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