I’m Scum

Self-classification on fleek.
I won’t let you hurt me, so I hurt myself.
I apologize for being scum.
You want me to unlearn all the crap in a hurry.
Don’t you know patience is a virtue?
You want me dead but I’m in my prime. Well, maybe not.

At first, it was tabula rasa before society polluted my mind.
Once more, apologies for being scum.
God bless your Dad but he is probably scum too.
Maybe he couldn’t unlearn all the BS.
What if he never knew he was wrong?
Sometime in the future, we need to sit and define s-c-u-m.

A scumbag in Lekki might be everyone’s favorite in Otukpo.
It’s all about perception.
Even the one in charge of classifying God’s creatures is scum too.
What’s funnier than a scum addressing others as scum?
Wait! I see you never have time to assess yourself.
Was the system set up for me to fail?

Am I just making up excuses for being scum?
Will ostracizing a scum make him/her a better person?
I think these are blemishes we could clean up together.
I can’t become a better man without your help.
Your assistance can turn a bonafide scum into your MCM or maybe MCE.
Wish me luck!


Photo by Matthew Kosloski on Unsplash

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