We shame each other at every opportunity.
We forget that what’s firm today will sag tomorrow.
Some bags are better secured when we unite.
Nah, we would rather argue and fight.

Sinners stay judging sinners.
They stay wondering who had sex with who.
You should think of how to be a better person.
But you are more concerned about who is sex deprived or who bought a vibrator.

You are jobless but you teach everyone how to secure their jobs.
Selfless one, you stay drowning in paracetamol over the next man’s headache.
You know everything but you do nothing.
Your nickname is ‘suffer-head’ but you want to teach me enjoyment?

Seems you forgot I’m fine with not being perfect.
My imperfections form my beauty.
I am aware I can’t play attack and defense at the same time.
I won’t kill myself to make you feel better.

I would prefer you to stay.
But I don’t mind if you leave.
You don’t even qualify as bad energy.
You are too weak to influence me negatively or positively.


Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Horse Thing

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