Will You Marry Me?

I just watched a video of a guy being honored with a dehumanizing slap that was well-delivered on his cheeks by a young lady he is dating.

What was his offense? What I can deduce from the short clip is that the young man had been dating the girl for about six years. Since he won’t do the needful, the girl made the bold step to propose publicly to him at the mall.

Cameras on, friends cheering on and watching, the young man refused to say the customary ‘YES’. “Let’s go downstairs,” he kept telling her as he tried to hide his face from the camera. She kept kneeling and holding his shirt while almost begging for a ‘YES’. Suddenly, she stood up and BOOOOOOM, it happened!

You know what happens when a Nigerian soldier slaps a civilian or when a Nigerian musician slaps a social media influencer? The one who receives the slap immediately sees flashing lights and bright stars! That must have been the case of this young man whose girlfriend had delivered a slap on his cheek, free-delivery slap!

Now, let’s be a bit honest. Did the young man deserve such treatment for respectfully and tactically turning down a proposal? Were the lovers wrong to date for six whole years without being too sure of what direction to go with their relationship?

Now, let’s be brutally honest. What’s the expiration date for a relationship? After how many weeks, months or years should lovers end their relationship (if they realize it is heading in a direction both parties aren’t comfortable with).

I don’t think love has a formula but I would really love to know what you think. I don’t wish such a slap for even my enemies. In the meantime, can we just reach a consensus that public proposals are quite useless and unnecessary?


Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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  1. He had enough time to know if he wanted to marry her, if he didn’t want to he should have ended it after 2 years max.
    6 years is a long time to invest in another.

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