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You are scared to death. You are scared of mentors now? Well, they never asked that you become their protégé. You chose that page because success has many relations. Now that things seem to have gone south for that person you so adore, will you stay or flee?

It’s even better you flee than stay back and sting like a bee. When the going was good, he sorted your fees and bills. Now that trouble has come knocking, you are trying to dissociate yourself?

Now, you are stuck with other science students at the Shrine. As you down another cup of skoochies, you criticize the person you once worshipped.

That guy na fool sha, im don forget say patience na virtue“.

Well, that’s life for you! Your selfishness dwarfed your ability to reason rationally. You never asked or cared about the source. Your greed made you more conscious about being an opportunist. You never asked the right questions. Actually, you never asked any questions.

Your benefactor rarely writes or speaks about his success story. He just always inspires others without sharing too much. When he eventually speaks, everyone pays utmost attention.

Well, that’s life for you! This moment you are called King and the next minute, the same person is shouting “crucify him“.

When the ship sinks, who will lead the rescue mission? For now, the weatherman says “it’s a fairweather season, stay woke“.


Photo by KE ATLAS on Unsplash

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