When will you start loving YOU?
If you don’t rate you, that’s a calamity.
When will you start to trust your abilities?
Throw it back to those days everyone spoke about your awesomeness.
Throw it back to those days you feared no competition.
Those days when it was all about prospering.

Now, you fear to try.
You seek validation at every given opportunity.
If your dreams are truly legit, why do you fear so much?
To succeed, you will have to take risks.
One of such is going ahead to do that which no one believes you can do.
When they bark at you, how about barking back with success?

Check the time-stamps, life is going.
Don’t forget to live.
It’s always great to learn from the mistake of others.
For the mistakes that you need to make, why not jump in quickly?
There’s really no perfect time to try.
Even if there is, you surely don’t know it.

I see them acting like they hold the keys, ignore them.
When they act like they invented the formula, laugh and move on.
They make simple things seem complicated.
Your smile pierces their hearts, smile more often.
Don’t forget it’s fine to sometimes be confused.
And always remember that at the end of the day, there’s no contest.


Photo by billy lee on Unsplash

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