Operation Sweep And Flush

The new craze in town seems to be all about shedding weight. A lot of people associate looking trim with being healthy. Gym subscriptions are selling faster than ever, slim tea business is booming and shapewear has become the new gold.


Waist Training, No Home Training

Those interested in being proud owners of snatched waists are rocking their Spanx and waist girdles all day long. We all know people who have replaced water with slim tea. Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you a slim tea product.

Sometimes, those who sell these slim tea products are like round Top Tea bags surprisingly. So, one is left wondering if these merchants are consumers of their own product.

You probably know someone who eats late consistently but always wears a waist girdle. You probably know someone nothing seems to work out for despite regular work out sessions.


This #FitFam Life Though!

I and a friend were having a few glasses of beer one beautiful evening when s middle-aged man walked in wearing his sports kit. I was almost certain he was done jogging or fresh from the gym. I and my friend even felt guilty for not living the #FitFam life just like him. It wasn’t long before he was ordering the same brand of beer as us and some sticks of cigarettes for effect. I shook my head and every time I guzzled my beer, I watched him do the same.

Sometimes, we just want to eat pizza with our waist girdles on. We often don’t want to cut down on carbs or sugar, we just want to flush them out later on. We want a core level of fitness but we don’t have the discipline to make the sacrifices, so we look for shortcuts.


We Shall Survive

Rather than keep our homes clean, we mess it up and then wait for the next sanitation day to grab our brooms and buckets.



Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash

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