Your Autosave Is Successful

It’s Friday morning and you wake up really early.
Lagos traffic has been terrible lately.
As usual, you reach out for your phone first.
And then your heart skips two beats.

The notification on your phone is the last thing you expect.
It shouldn’t be bad news. Ordinarily, it should make you smile.
Yes, your monthly autosave was successful.
You just saved that money you would have blown on nkwobi and beer.

Now, you hate autosave so much.
But that’s the discipline you have always craved.
Come off it and learn the hard way.
Cheer up, you are only saving for the rainy days.

Stop bothering me with your lamentations.
But on second thought, would it hurt if you had gotten a prior notification?
Last time I checked, the new Eyowo update does that.
So, please stop bothering me and do the needful.

Horse Thing

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