I just got cancelled. Not by the host of saints or my creator. Not by my parents or my siblings.
I just got cancelled by strangers who can’t properly spell ‘cancel’.
I just got cancelled by a council of strangers on a social media platform.
They say once you are cancelled, you can’t amount to anything.
Could it be why some people call them Assistant Jesus?

Now, what does cancelling really mean?
It is easy to tweet, “you are cancelled” but what do you really mean?
Only God can cancel anyone. Or you want to play God?
How dare you? We are promoting a culture that will consume us all.
Rather than educate others, we cancel them.

Forgiveness has no place in our dictionaries.
We cancel for a living. We cancel for the retweets.
I guess I just got canceled by a bunch of jokers.
For every time you tweeted “you are cancelled”, did you really think?
Is it possible that you are too perfect for yourself?

Well, we live in a world where you amplify the weakness of others.
But you try to deemphasize yours.
Everyone’s a saint until the cock crows thrice.
Rather than reform, we try to destroy.
It just seems that we have forgotten God is the greatest.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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