The entire community is seated hours before the slated time.
Various types of people from different backgrounds are packed at the community’s civic center.
They are all hyped and they can’t wait to meet the superstar.
The superstar flew in from a civilized country just yesterday for a big show in the town nearby.
A country where milk and honey truly flows.

The day before the meet-and-greet, the councilor graded the road leading to the civic center.
He even got a tanker to fill the local water tank.
The street was decorated with balloons and ribbons.
Even the community tap had a ribbon on it.
Every nook and cranny was swept clean.

It’s 12:00 noon and the special guest is nowhere to be found.
The community waiting for the superstar is getting agitated.
Table water is served to all and sundry and that calms their nerves.
They are used to sachet water.
Half an hour later and they are beginning to hiss again.

The few of them who have Twitter and ‘Wazzup’ installed, grab their phones.
They start to cast all sorts of aspersions on the superstar through their status updates.
The ‘elites’ among them who have Twitter even tag the superstar.
“What are you feeling like”, “How dare you to keep us waiting?”, “Who do you think you are?”
The superstar begins to suffer a panic attack as she is confused.

The councilor grabs the mic and begins to address the angry crowd.
He calls for more patience and tells the waiters to serve small chops.
He runs outside and places a call to the superstar who is still in the hotel.
“I’m sorry about this. I know it isn’t in your contract and I never told you before now but please make a brief appearance here. You know! Cut a ribbon and two, and we take photos. Next year is election year pleaaaaaaaase


Photo by Antoine Plüss on Unsplash

Horse Thing

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