Your babe abandoned you for that girl you both always confided in.
Actually, she didn’t. You have always been the sidekick.
Now, you are dealing with such migraines.
You are all by yourself. Poor, lonely, trusting soul.
The signs were in abundance but you neglected those.

Was it not obvious to you she isn’t into men.
But you thought you could influence her choice.
You truly felt you are such a great guy to make her love a guy?
Now, you are heartbroken. Can anyone mend your heart?
You are way too paranoid and can’t trust anyone again.

You once felt like a superhero.
You tried to shield all the guys away.
Not knowing the guys were not your competition.
She showed you some signs but you ignored all.
You thought you are Mr. Fantastic, Mr. Eligible, and Mr. Romantic.

Sorry, but you played yourself so hard.
You have learned to respect choices in a hard way.
That “na me fuck up” moment taught a lot.
So many lessons that I hope you don’t forget soon.
Next time, maybe you should let love lead.

There isn’t even a minimum wage for policing an adult.
Would you still feel entitled to one’s life?
Knowing how and when to walk away is such an underrated skill.
She showed you signs but you said it’s abnormal.
She agreed to date you out of pity and pressure.

Yes, you put in pressure a lot.
Sometimes she faked the moans but hissed once you pulled out.
Society has been harsh on her.
Everyone seems so distant from her reality.
Many of her friends who are just like her are even married.

Maybe you should count yourself lucky that you didn’t tie nuptial knots.
That might have been a permanent trap.
You keep trying to trade your happiness but nature keeps saving the day.
How long before you learn to wait?
To wait for the right time.


Photo by Kevar Whilby on Unsplash

Horse Thing

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