New Year’s Eve

January 1 seems like yesterday.
Where did 365 days run to?
It feels like yesterday when you made New Year resolutions.
Unfortunately, agenda didn’t agend for you all year.

Now, you are pressured into making a few more resolutions.
You want to act brand new but you know it’s mere pretense.
You are too scared to ponder about your failings.
You would rather hang by your phone to send New Year SMSes by midnight.

Are you still wondering who cursed you?
Why are you moving into the new year with so much pessimism?
It feels like you are not ready.
Can the current year be extended for you?

Really, what’s your excuse?
But you know you can start the New Year on a positive note.
Now, you are rushing to the church for vigil service.
But in reality, you know the night will end at a pub.

Same templates, same tricks but you stay expecting new results.
LOL! You just keep playing yourself.
Sometimes, all you need to do is change one thing and everything else changes.
A few solid and actionable plans are better than too many plans.

Maybe the new year is the time for you to go underground.
Maybe it’s time to work lean.
Maybe you should keep things simple.
Maybe take more risks.

Or you may just begin to trust your instinct better.
Maybe you should become more active with your religion.
Maybe you should be more honest with yourself this time around.
Probably time to accept you ain’t the complete package yet.

Actually, this is a note to self.
But if the shoe fits, take a cue.
Remember, this is a note to self.
So, please don’t overthink it.

Not sure I’m even making sense.
Just typing away and waiting for the New Year.
Truth be told, I’m confused.
Happy New Year dear.


Photo by Kristian Løvstad on Unsplash

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

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