New Year’s Day

Interestingly, the new year is here and no rewind button.
This is not the time to argue whether it’s the beginning or end of the decade.
Counting is free and so are opinions, count how you wish.
Every second, minute and hour count.

Are you still locked in the euphoria of fireworks and text messages?
Well, you will wake up tomorrow to realize it’s March already.
2020 feels good, to be honest. It feels like a lucky year.
But I know it’s really going to be what we make of it.

That big plan? Just start already.
No big announcements will come from the year 2020.
Days will just creep on you fast.
If you need to change an old routine that never worked, this is the time.

This is the first new year day in ages that I won’t eat rice at all.
I’m just here trying to flip the script.
I’m just here making sure I no longer do anything just for routine sake.
I’m just here learning not to jinx possible successes by discussing it.

The real goals won’t be heard but will be televised on completion.
Take every day as a fresh start.
Sometimes you will fall off but don’t wait for a new year to tap the reset button.
Be more forgiving of self and take another go every now and then.

By now, you ought to know there’s no formula.
Find what’s legit and works and stick to your masterplan pasa pasa.
No one knows your struggle better than you.
So be true to self and forget what the pundits say.

What’s the first thing you ate in 2020?
Where were you at the beginning of the new year?
Are your energy levels high or are you just indifferent?
What’s one thing you really want from the new year?

I would really love to hear from you.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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