Cardi B: 5 Times Rapper Made Nigerians Proud

American rapper, Cardi B was in Nigeria for a concert last December and since then she has won herself even more fans in the world’s most populous black nation.

Here are six moments which made Cardi B a darling to many Nigerians:

1) When she arrived Lagos looking like the girl next door.

Nigerians are a very entitled bunch. They want to tell you what to eat, drink and wear. Cardi B arrived in Nigeria and as she walked out of the plane, she looked like she had just left her bedroom.

Sporting a simple flowing gown, a scarf and a pair of glasses, Nigerians praised her as the pictures hit social media. Some even went as far as comparing and condemning their local stars.

2) Green White Green Cardi

If you thought Nigerians didn’t like their flag, you would have a rethink after Cardi B came on stage wearing a green and white dress. It’s not just her skimpy dress that had the colours of the Nigerian flag, her wig paid homage too.

That got many Nigerians really excited. It seems they paid more attention to that than her rapping and twerking on stage.

3) Cardi for the strippers

Probably the biggest strip club in Lagos, SilverFox hosted Cardi B and it became quite a historic moment for them. The rapper who used to be a stripper herself had a swell time and streamed her escapades in there on Instagram live.

The strippers were super hyped to dance with her as she threw wads after wads of cash into the air. The next day, Nigerian social media was littered with numerous video clips of Cardi B and strippers in the club.

While some praised her for being real enough to go to the strip club, others thanked her for letting them know strip clubs existed in Lagos. Some even claimed she has done more for Nigeria’s tourism industry in one night than the Ministry of Tourism.

4) Cardi loves Nigerian beer

Nigerians are not humble but they love humble people. Despite getting a special bottle of champagne sent to her by Davido, Cardi B insisted on Guinness Stout which she drank straight from the bottle. Trust Nigerians to praise her for sticking to bottles of Udeme.

Videos later emerged of a drunk Cardi B speaking about the alcohol level of Nigerian beer. Once again, people cheered Cardi B for being the real one. The love kept growing.

4) The eventual fall of Ghanaian Jollof

After Cardi B left Nigeria, she headed to neighboring Ghana for the second leg of the concert. There she met disaster after disaster. From Ghanaian celebrities calling her out for missing a Meet-and-greet, she wasn’t booked for to lights going off while she was performing.

With each disaster, Nigerians trolled Ghana in the usual fashion. However, what crowned the trolling was when Cardi B posted a video complaining about having a stomach bug after eating a Ghanaian delicacy.

With no further announcements, the now-normal Jollof war between Nigeria and Ghana kicked off on social media but this time intensively.

5) Nigerian citizenship for Cardi?

After the killing of top Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani by the U.S government,Β  Cardi B criticized her country’s government while highlighting the dangers of their action. She also stated her desire to apply for Nigerian citizenship.

Whether she was serious or joking about the later part of her Twitter is unknown but Nigerians have been welcoming her to their open arms since then.

To most Nigerians, Cardi B is now one of their own. Some have even christened her Chioma B. The extra ones have even offered her daughter Nigerian names.

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