5 Tems Collabos That Will Blow Your Mind

She is definitely one of the breakout stars of 2019 but I actually knew about her for the first time in December 2018. The occasion was Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Music Fest ’18.

Rapper, Ladipoe had come on stage. After serenading his fans with a single or two, he brought a shy girl wearing a flowing gown to the stage. They had a song together and he needed her to come do the hook.

When she first came on stage, she stood in one awkward corner. It took a bit of cajoling before she assumed a more central position on stage. When she opened her mouth to sing, her voice was so sweet and powerful. I felt goosebumps on my skin and I noticed everyone was amazed. That was Tems and I was just knowing about her for the first time.

Because of her, I went home and listened to the song housed on Poe’s T.A.P album over and over again. Since then, she has featured in more songs and dropped a few hits herself.

The future for the very shy Tems is a revolution but for now, here are 5 solid Teams’ collaboration you should check out:

Ladipoe – Falling ft. Tems

This is the song that introduced me to Tems. Her voice on a record sounds exactly the same as when she is performing live. Kudos to Ladipoe for putting on such an amazing talent.

The Collectiv3 – Kiss The Fire ft. Tems 

In the last quarter of 2018, The Collectiv3 made up of Temi Dollface, SDC, Poe, Ikon, Kid Konnect and Funbi released their second collaborative project, Live. Create. Repeat.

The second track on that project is Kiss The Fire featuring Tems. An amazing vocal performance is what we got from Tems on that one.

Show Dem Camp – Shadow Of Doubt ft. Tems

Tems is obviously not fazed by being featured on rap tracks. Off Clone War IV: These Buhari Times released in January 2019, Shadow of Doubt is a very hard rap song but Tems shone like a million stars on it.

Just give the girl a mic!

Lady Donli – Good Time ft. Tems

A good time is what you have when two amazing female singers decide to collaborate on a project. On this one, Lady Donli and Tems take us back to the 90s with this slow tune.

This one is off Lady Donli’s Enjoy Your Life album.

Show Dem Camp – Tales By Moonlight ft. Tems

Tems is asking for just one thing on this track; some honesty. In the final quarter of 2019, SDC released another album, The Palmwine Express. You know what they say about a good road? You pass it twice.

Once again, SDC decided to feature Tems on a song and as always, she sang her heart out. “Truth no get pikin, try to get me. I need some honesty,” she chorused.

What’s your favourite Tems collaboration?

Horse Thing

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