Ponmo…BSc, MSc, PhD

Oh, Ponmo! No one else has been criminally disrespected marginalized like yourself. Yet you have stayed steadfast and weathered the storm.

Even when everyone said you have no substance, you continued to serve the nation selflessly.

Sometimes it feels like you are crazily underutilized but when things go south and borders get shut, we come running to you.

Just like many other things in life, they tried to sexualize you. Even Bimbo Owoyemi had a problem with her lecturer, you were roped in and unfortunately given a sexual connotation which stuck sadly.

Sex aficionadoes might even argue that using the word ‘Ponmo’ sexually gives credence to how sweet and precious you are.

Well, some people still know what’s up. Even BlackMagic paid a tribute to you with an entire song.

“I speak my mind and I go still speak more. You either love me or hate me or eat ponmo,” BlackMagic rapped on ‘Ponmo’.

In a country which can be quite divided sometimes, you have done well in uniting various cultures.

Whether from North, South, West or East, when we hang out we always have you asun or peppered ponmo while cancelling bottles of beer.

I won’t lie, your peppered version goes down so well with Sangria or Red Wine.

Even in the Eastern part of the country, friends unite over plates of Abacha blessed with pieces of you as obtacles.

Dear Ponmo, thanks for so many years of meritorious service. We just can’t thank you enough.


Horse Thing

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