Spiritual Commandos

A woman sings and prays during Nigeria’s biggest gospel concert The Experience at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos, Nigeria, Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

We are really special. An exceptional breed at that. We must have a monopoly over the blood of Jesus and the graces that come with those. We believe we have got a higher dose of blessings. Losing is never our portion, all we do is win. Insofar it doesn’t affect a member of our family, “it is well”.

We forget what belongs to Caesar actually belongs to Caesar. We’ve got no regard for constituted authorities. Who dem be? God got us! We are a chosen generation. We will suffer no afflictions. And so we do what? We run around careless. We concede common sense for our fanatical infatuations.

What does it matter if we endanger the lives of a hundred of others? How should that bother us if our Creator has promised protection over us and our household? If people suffer, it must be because of their lack of faith or maybe their sins. Once I, my wife, my parents, and my kids are fine, who cares if the world tumbles a thousand times?

What’re precautionary measures when we can walk unharmed in a den? Oh ye men of little faith! But a voice continually reminds us of our foolishness. A voice which we dismiss it as that of the evil. We are arrogant but we call it pride. We are educated but we yet so ignorant. We wait for God to think for us when we have got brains to do so for ourselves.

We are the worst but we claim to best. Law and order mean nothing to us. We run along with our G.O and it doesn’t matter if he is going left or right. We follow through as the Zombies Fela sang about. We are simply a wicked and selfish bunch. We are spiritual commandos.

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