Thirst trap season

 Pamela Anderson

The COVID-19 has confined many to the walls of their houses. Call it house-arrest and you might not be wrong.

Businesses have shut down, schools are not in session, and countries have been on pause because of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Do you know what they say about an idle mind? People are trying to get busy at any cost.

Extroverts are struggling to stay afloat; Netflix servers are feeling the hits, everyone is live on Instagram, new challenges are being created daily, more people are signing up on TikTok and Triller every second. Everyone is now a content creator.

For some, this lockdown period seems to have indulged in taking thirst traps and sharing it with their friends. Those who used to be shy are getting bolder. Lately, we have seen debates on social media about the legitimacy of posting thirst traps.

New formats are being created for thirst-traps. Some are even sharing what they call “LinkedIn thirst traps”; a fine-line between corporate demeanor and kinkiness.

The perpetrators are doing what they consider liberating. The critics are keeping busy with moral-policing others.

One thing is certain, no one can stop another person from posting or sharing thirst traps. Also, no one can be stopped from criticizing a thirst trap once it has been shared publicly.

It seems the entire world is less busy and that clearly defines the energy levels being shown by both the thirst trappers and the thirst trapped.

A number of people might be wanking away to those thirst traps but criticizing them online.

Some also want to see thirst traps but only in their DMs and not on the timeline. They hate to share.

But really, who defines what thirst traps are and how far one should go? Sometimes, it is commando and other times it is just a visible mound of flesh.

What do you think of thirst traps?


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