When this is over

I’m losing it. I’m losing control. Looks like the earth is leaving us behind. Looks like earth hit the pause button. No one was able to predict this craze. Even the soothsayers are dazed by the turn of events. Everything was affected, even lent. No one knows the length of this pause. Everyone’s longing for a taste of what was but who is gonna quench our thirst?

Even the pious and religious one among us are hoping for some great news from the world of science. A pandemic has become our common denominator. Suddenly, the world’s plans all got canceled. If we are sincere enough, this has taught us how much we have prioritized a lot of nonsense for years.

Businesses are taking a big hit, religions are stunned, the sporting world is dazed. Our mouths are agape, e shock us! Many people say the world will never be the same again after this pandemic. They are quick to forget that humans forget so fast, we are so quick to move on. Would things be different this time around? Are we going to learn on this occasion?

Right now, most people as expressed on social media are thinking of what to do when this is over. People have fantasies of wild parties on their minds already. Some are just thinking of the volume of orgasms they will experience when this is over. No matter what’s on people’s minds, containing this plague ASAP is the most important thing in the world right now.

When this is all over, hugs and handshakes will be more meaningful. When this is over, ‘I miss you’ will be a more potent phrase. Hopefully, we will pay more attention to our environment and health sectors when this is over.
When this is over, we will pull closer to our loved ones. When this is over, we will be more grateful for socialization.



Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

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