Musings of the boy next door

Transition into what?

You randomly remember someone you used to know. For weeks, you feel the urge to google his name and find out what great exploits he is doing now. You procrastinate a few times and finally one cool morning, after waking up with body ache, you turn on your PC and navigate your mouse pointer to your search bar where you type his name. You hit the search button and the first few search results leave you in shock.

This is 2020 and this man has been dead since 2016? Your mind begins to play tricks on you. You begin to wonder if it wasn’t just a year or two ago you saw him somewhere in VGC. You then assume someone else bears his name and surname. You open all the top search results in new tabs. You open one tab after the other. It’s not just his name, his photo is there also. It is actually the person you knew. He really died four years ago. One of the pages has “Transition Into Glory” as the header.

Suddenly, your body pain seems to have worsened and you try to make sense of life. Your knees sink into the ground and you stare out of your window. You begin to wonder what must have happened to him. Memories of him come flashing; memories from years ago. You begin to wonder if he knew when he would die; if he had expected it and if he was ready. Your head is getting bigger with more thoughts and you wonder why none of the publications mentioned how he died. You don’t even know if you need that information or you just want some level of closure; closure you will never get.



Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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