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Distant Besties

“If she doesn’t call me, I won’t call”, “If he doesn’t visit me, why should I be the one to go over?”, “I can’t be the one always texting, it makes me seem weak and vulnerable”.

It’s okay since life has become a competition for us. Humans are going through hell but fellow humans who are supposedly close to them have no idea. Assumptions have become the bane of quality relationships.

One moment, your friend is a ride-or-die. The next moment your friend withdraws back into a shell. You don’t care to find out the cause of this shift in attitude. You just assume this is about power play.

Everything seems to be a competition for you but people are dying of depression. Sometimes your friend didn’t just stop caring. Did you even bother to reach out? Or did that arrogant spirit advise you against making a move?

Now, you are crying and wishing you had the time to change a thing or two. Now, you are no longer bothered about appearing vulnerable. You’re wailing so hard but it’s all too late now that you are willing. All too late!

Photo by Philipp Sewing on Unsplash

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  1. Anthony Ogwo avatar
    Anthony Ogwo

    Life’s hard enough, we nonetheless complicate it further

    1. Grace Gee avatar
      Grace Gee


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