Permutations & Mind-games

Some claim you are always shying away from responsibilities. Others just don’t seem to understand the paradigm shifts from generation to generation.

People assume you don’t want the best for yourself without knowing how much you wish for the best. They only project what they think but forget you bear the thoughts and do the calculations daily.

This is more than Further Mathematics. If you want to watch your mind mess with you as a man, do a simple calculation. Imagine you just had a child right now, and then imagine how old you will be when the child turns 30. That thought is enough to trigger a fever.

The mind games are even worse when you don’t have an idea when that first child is coming. When you aren’t sure if you will ever get married, confusion further sets in. Sometimes you begin to wish you had a kid or two years ago. The idea of having children outside wedlock is now appealing to you.

Saying “I do” has never been a problem for you. However, the fear and uncertainties of the life ahead keep you in check. No generation had it this difficult when it comes to choosing life partners. The idea of life partners is fast becoming a myth. 

Love is fast becoming relegated and is no longer the major reason for marriages. The quest for economic stability, the permutations and mind games as regards bearing and raising kids, and the fear of what society will say are now at the forefront of what should be a decision of a lifetime.


Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing on Unsplash

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