5 reasons why we all love Josh2Funny

29-year-old Josh Alfred popularly known as Josh2Funny has become a pop-culture giant and a phenomenon of some sort. 

Raised in a strict Christian home, Josh2Funny didn’t just fall out from the skies. Over the years, he has diligently put in deliberate work to reach where he is today.

Josh2Funny is highly revered and loved by so many and for various reasons too. Today, everyone loves Josh2Funny, and here are five (5) reasons why this is the case:

Multiple-Charactered Josh

Whether Josh2Funny is being Mama Felicia, Brother Zakius, Juga, TTP, Gbas Gbos, Optununu or Think About It, every Nigerian can relate to at least one of his characters.

The first time I found about Josh2Funny, it was because of the ‘Mama Felicia’ character. I was one of those who thought he may run out of content soon and people may become bored of that character sooner or later. Unknown to me, Josh2Funny had so much up his sleeves and he has been dishing relatable content with Gbas-Gbos temerity since then.

Proudly Nigerian Josh

No matter what hat Josh2Funny is wearing, he is unapologetically Nigerian about it. This is what makes him very relatable most times.

You have got to love his authentic and sexy Igbo accent and how he owns it with so much charisma.

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Scandal-free Josh

At a time when a few comedians have gotten the heat for creating controversial content and jokes, Josh2Funny has managed to maintain a clean and smooth brand.

In the age of cancel culture and easily triggered humans, this is a huge achievement for any entertainer.

Super-talented Josh

How can one man be a singer, wordsmith, actor, skit maker, dancer, stand-up comedian and so much more? Well, Josh2Funny is all of that and more.

Sometimes you imagine him as a rapper, other times you imagine him becoming an A-lister in Nollywood. With Josh2Funny, the possibilities seem endless and his talent speaks volumes.

Even his facial expressions and mannerisms prove that Josh is too funny. He is not winging it, the man came into the industry with an evolving plan.

Think of his wordplay prowess with the #DontLeaveMeChallenge and you will understand how gifted Josh is. Even top rappers in Nigeria respect how gifted Josh2Funny is. 

He is also more than a decent singer. Already, he has two music albums; Upside Down and A Break From Jokes available on streaming platforms.

Josh the Team-Player

For the volume of work Josh2Funny does and the number of content he puts out, he needs a solid support system to stay sane.

Josh has an amazing team he works with and he keeps them united. Producers, videographers, editors, and comedians form his winning team. The most notable person among his collaborators is his long-time friend and colleague, BelloKreb. However, they are a bunch of people who are behind-the-scene making sure the Josh2Funny brand stays ablaze.

Josh ensures he gives credit to everyone on his team. He also makes sure they partake in his victory.

In December 2018, Josh surprised BelloKreb with the gift of a car. This was a way of showing gratitude to Kreb for his loyalty all through the years.

Do you know what’s pretty cool and exciting? Josh2Funny is just getting started. He is the leader of a movement that is bigger than him and a greater cause which we can’t decipher yet.

Josh’s most recent win is the #dontleavemechallenge which at the time of putting this article together has garnered over 100 million views on TikTok.

Not originally planned as a viral challenge, the video below kickstarted what has become the most viral challenge in 2020 from this part of the world.

What’s been your favorite Josh2Funny character thus far? 

Horse Thing


  1. Mehn! This is the best article I’ve read about Josh2funny❤️My favorite character is Juga right now…I also love think about it…also Optununu🤣infact i do not have a favorite character I love all💫Josh2funny is KING. I’ll always STAN💪🏾 Also being part of the team has been a great movement too❤️God bless Josh2funny and the team❤️

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