The Uncomplicated Radicals, Other Musings, and a Loop by DJ BLACKJOY

The Uncomplicated Radicals 

Sometimes, I think about the road on the path of revolution and how people are always convinced – looking from the outside in – that one has to be brainwashed before becoming a “radical”. I’d love to know if it makes sense in terms of psycho-analyzing people’s – anyone’s – actions while trying to make sense of them & their stance. 

How we are almost always tempted to base our conclusions on “This person had to be Y to become X. No other explanation makes…sense.” Maybe in our bid to try to – what we do is try – understand people, we often reveal how we’ll love to be made sense of by others beneath all of the complications & facade: without so much…explanations.”

Can you hear that now? The radical says they can hear the chant of war from your side of the room too. Why can’t you? Or is it just me, or is it my mind? 

Our Means of Production

It’s one of life’s best blessings to fully express ourselves with stunning clarity. The sun of being alive shines bright here because the expression of self is often fully realized when we create untethered art i.e expressing our “human gifts”. 

It’s even more beautiful after expression, to be understood. It’s synesthesia like feeling that words like pleased, happy, and beautiful can’t fully explain. It’s a merge of two completely different galaxies at least, and then more. Stars are bound to be produced.

So it must be worth a lot. But don’t worry about that because coupled with the gift of gazing into my galaxy, there are additional benefits which include: the joy of worship, the freedom to access the means of production, and the power to crucify. Well, that took a dark turn. I quieten the mind. 

“In Nature, There are No Borders”

“Has it ever struck you that Christmas Day doesn’t exist except in your mind? In nature, there’s no Christmas Day. But you get Christmas-ey feelings…”

“The other day I was travelling from the US to Canada. As we crossed the Canadian border – or the US frontier – the pilot said ‘Well we are at the US border right now.’ If you looked down through the window, it’s funny you can’t see it, you know. Have you realized that it only exists in your mind, that in nature there’s no border? That being an American is only in your head. They are no American trees or American lands in nature. This is a convention that people are ready to die for. That’s how real it looks to them.”

The World’s Problems

…are not my problems. The problems of the world are not my problems. I know everything. We thank life for being life. Self. Peace. Love. Kinfolk. Home. Awareness. Spirituality. The unity of life. The identity we are no longer merged with. I know everything. I know that we cannot see outside of ourselves, what we fail to see inside.  I know the mind. I know that reality is always better than imagination. I know street shit. I know conscious shit. I know that the problems of the world are not my problems. I know them well enough to never forget. And I love life but why doesn’t the world love me back? 

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Sanmir El-Yosef

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