Our Children

Useless parents never cater to the needs of their children but always try to share in the glory of kids whenever they achieve anything worthwhile. Don’t you see how quickly politicians rush to congratulate laurelled sports personalities or entertainers? They try to steal from every man’s glory but never make a positive impact on anyone’s life.

The more useless a parent is, the more he or she seeks to be respected and worshipped. Useless parents sometimes forget parenting has gone beyond biology and blood-ties. A useless parent tells too many lies and often forgets that the young shall grow.

How can someone so dumb never want to be questioned or taught? Useless parents are like kangaroos; always looking for children to put in their pouches but kangaroos are a lot smarter. Even when the children become adults, they push them into the deepest hems of their pouches. A useless parent wants the children silenced forever.

What’s more annoying about useless parents is that they never have control of their own biological kids. Ironically, they seek control over other people’s kids so badly. They refer to every young person as “our children” just to undermine them. Sometimes you wonder if they were born as adults or they just enjoy being condescending.”

But there are some young people out there who make things worse by referring to useless and incompetent adults who ruined it all as “fathers of the nation” or “mothers of the nation”. No, those people don’t care about you and should never be your parents. Their biological kids have all been shipped abroad and they only want to ruin you.

But never mind, the ants will always bite!


Photo by Doug Linstedt on Unsplash

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