Shower Scene

From sundown to sunrise, we stay on the grind.

Rainfall or sunshine, we put in work.

We clock in and don’t clock out.

But from month to month, nothing to show for all the effort.

What really is the cost of success?

Is this why they say ‘Don’t work hard, just work smart’? 

But the definition of smart is so loose.

They tell you to win at all costs, but they forget it is fine to lose too.

Yet-to-be-caught criminals steady thriving as motivational speakers.

Speak up against their shenanigans and you’re tagged envious.

Your mentors are mere fraudsters but you’re too scared to see the truth.

Is being ruthless also considered ‘smart work’?

People in a hurry to lose their humanity for Naira notes.

Just like the currency, human lives steadily losing value.

Too much going on that we’ve become blind to.

Too many thoughts flooding my worried mind right now.

But the alarm goes off again and I realize I’m running late for work.

My head is obviously not in the right place.

I rush out of the shower and stare back at the mirror.

My hair is still foaming and I look just like the clown that I am.


Horse Thing

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  1. We put in the work nonetheless and trust in God that it will all work out fine 🙂

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