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Why does the winner take all?

Should love really be about ownership? Is letting go of loved ones a rare skill? Is being truly selfless actually a myth?

People owning things appears to be pretty normal and standard practice across the world. But we all can’t deny that people have found a way to own people. Whether it’s due to economical, spiritual, or emotional factors, humans have mastered the art of owning their fellow humans.

Is exclusivity truly love? What if absence of discipline has been serially mistaken as absence of love? Stifling the one you love shouldn’t feel like the right way to love. Throwing them into a cage doesn’t feel better too. Loved ones, not pets. But all of these seem so confusing. Why should the number of people you love be limited because of family ties or social constructs?

If the love we’ve got to give is so limited, what then is the S.I unit for measuring love? If the love we’ve got to give is unlimited, why then do we have to let people go in order to love a particular person? Maybe social constructs allow you to love without borders for a period of your life but insists you limit the love in your heart to a certain sphere at another point of your life.

You may have thought about this in the past but couldn’t get yourself to question what appears a standard. Why do my friends need to disappear from my life or become less welcome when I get married? Why must I cater for just our families in order to appear responsible? Why does my life need to change dramatically to the detriment of others because I am dating a particular person? Why can’t I keep friends from the other genders while dating someone who is ‘head-over-heels’ in love with me? Why can’t the podium take more than just Gold, Silver, and Bronze? Why can’t we just have more winners and less losers?

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Photo by Habib Ayoade on Unsplash

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