Musings of the boy next door

Heartbreaks come in pairs

He promised marriage but you know he only wants to break her heart.

You smell fuckboys from a mile but you couldn’t predict your own heartbreaks.

Your heart breaks every time you see them together.

We know it’s not envy. You can just tell what lies ahead.

That’s why you are sad she is spending quality time with the one who will make her cry.

She told you bye and you begged to stay.

Glue can’t mend your broken heart, so you stay glued to your screen as your mind wanders off.

You keep wondering the cause of your poor luck.

You even consider being cursed.

Now, you’ve got more to ponder on.

Even if your heart heals in the future, what about the heartbreak that awaits her.

She kicked you out doesn’t mean you ever stopped loving her.

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