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Breaking down 5 ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ slangs

In most recent times internet fraud has become a sensation which has gained general acceptance from the streets, with fraudsters emerging from different layers of the societies; from the slum in Makoko to the boulevards of Maitama, from private educational institutions to their comprehensively bastardised public counterparts, here are some terms (slangs) that have made it to the tongues of the average citizens, thereby giving internet fraud or yahoo-yahoo as it is often called enough notoriety or even acceptance to be incorporated in our normal conversations, expressions and languages:

AZA: This simply means BANK ACCOUNT, it’s one of the most popular slangs on the streets these days as more people have adopted the term which to them is more convenient than saying BANK ACCOUNT.

WIRE: This is the act of making a money transfer. As regards internet fraud, it’s supposed to be a term for the transfer of stolen funds, but it has someway gained currency on the lips of the streets and has succeeded the term Transfer. An example is a line from DMW and Davido’s song: ‘Baby you wan see my wire,Oya say your AZA’. Without feeling the guilt of leaving you to your thoughts I guess you now know what Aza means😉.

HK: This means HUSTLE KINGDOM; it’s a home or provided shelter were fraudsters are bred, more like a boarding school for those with the will and desire to engage in such underworld activities. HK has proven to have a high success rate and has been embraced by the streets as a ‘wealth-incubation system’ where people go to with high chances of securing the bags🤷🏽‍♂️,

CLIENT:  The victim of any fraud act is referred to as a CLIENT, just like the formal expression for someone who demands a service(s), CLIENT(s) are those on the losing end. They fall victims to yahoo boys (internet fraudsters) who are strategic and convincing enough to lure them into giving in.

PICK:  This is usually related to a ‘success story’. To PICK simply means to EARN, either from your CLIENT or supposed victim. Inn allusion to WIRE, when the transfer is successful, it is then regarded to as a PICK.

For example: “How far? You hear say Samuel PICK money?”

FORMAT:   This is a properly structured document that consist of replies and convincing quotes to help the fraudsters lure their supposed CLIENTS.

It often comprises of pictures and videos that align with the purpose of the fraudster, helping them to further convince their victims. In a situation where an illiterate or semi-literate person emerges successful in fraud, FORMAT is mostly the secret. It helps them convince their victims without breaking a sweat.

Did I miss out on any other internet-fraud related slangs? Please share in the comment section. I will be waiting to learn from you.





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