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  • Top 7 Debut Albums Since 2014

    Top 7 Debut Albums Since 2014

    Music is life! When you enjoy an album, you keep going back to it without being able to place a finger on the exact reason why you love it. The album keeps drawing you in. At first, some tracks are the reasons for your revisiting the project. Not long after, you are humming some other…

  • How TG Omori Owned 2019

    How TG Omori Owned 2019

    24-year-old ThankGod Omori who hails from Cross Rivers state took the Nigerian entertainment scene by surprise in 2019. TG Omori started directing videos professionally in 2015. He had started trying out directing three years earlier. The self-taught video director believes he stands out because of his crazy art direction. The first TG Omori video I…

  • My Barber Said

    My Barber Said

    Have you ever cheated on your barber? How guilty did you feel? The relationship guys have with their barbers is a mysterious one. Very mysterious indeed. Sometimes, a barber messes up his client’s hair and leaves the client looking like a camel. That dissatisfied customer still goes to the same barber the very next week….

  • 5 Tems Collabos That Will Blow Your Mind

    5 Tems Collabos That Will Blow Your Mind

    She is definitely one of the breakout stars of 2019 but I actually knew about her for the first time in December 2018. The occasion was Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Music Fest ’18. Rapper, Ladipoe had come on stage. After serenading his fans with a single or two, he brought a shy girl wearing a flowing…

  • Cardi B: 5 Times Rapper Made Nigerians Proud

    Cardi B: 5 Times Rapper Made Nigerians Proud

    American rapper, Cardi B was in Nigeria for a concert last December and since then she has won herself even more fans in the world’s most populous black nation. Here are six moments which made Cardi B a darling to many Nigerians: 1) When she arrived Lagos looking like the girl next door. Nigerians are…

  • New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day

    Interestingly, the new year is here and no rewind button. This is not the time to argue whether it’s the beginning or end of the decade. Counting is free and so are opinions, count how you wish. Every second, minute and hour count. Are you still locked in the euphoria of fireworks and text messages?…

  • New Year’s Eve

    New Year’s Eve

    January 1 seems like yesterday. Where did 365 days run to? It feels like yesterday when you made New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, agenda didn’t agend for you all year. Now, you are pressured into making a few more resolutions. You want to act brand new but you know it’s mere pretense. You are too scared…

  • Jilted


    Your babe abandoned you for that girl you both always confided in. Actually, she didn’t. You have always been the sidekick. Now, you are dealing with such migraines. You are all by yourself. Poor, lonely, trusting soul. The signs were in abundance but you neglected those. Was it not obvious to you she isn’t into…

  • Meet-And-Greet


    The entire community is seated hours before the slated time. Various types of people from different backgrounds are packed at the community’s civic center. They are all hyped and they can’t wait to meet the superstar. The superstar flew in from a civilized country just yesterday for a big show in the town nearby. A…

  • Barest Minimum

    Barest Minimum

    Been busy through the years but now I’m scared. So scared  of being labeled careless. Moved from trying so hard to being clueless. I tried to be tasty when you were thirsty but my jokes were considered tasteless. Been told I try too hard, so I restrained. But exercising caution is now causing a strain. You…